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The Taylor Lions Club's Governor's Dinner:

Took place at Amadeo's Restaurant, (Pine Hill's Golf Course),
140 South Keyser Avenue. Taylor, Pa. May 10, 2004

The Event was reported by Triboro Banner Newspaper Reporter Malinda Martines.
The article and pictures appeared in The Triboro Banner Newspaper on Thursday, May 13, 2004.

The Taylor Lions Club's 50th Anniversary Celebration:

Date: --- November 14, 2004
Location --- Saint George's Carpatho Russian Church Hall,
Address: --- 743 South Keyser Ave. Taylor, Pa.

In attendance were approximately: 45 Lions & Guests including
Life Time Board Member, (Lion David Noakes), Congressman
Paul Kanjorski & Taylor Mayor Richard Bowen.

Other Dignitary And Club Members who participated in the Anniversary Party Program:
    Welcome & Necrology Service: 1St Female Club President: Lion Lisa Mekilo.

    Pledge Of Allegiance: Lion & Financial Secretary: Dennis Kryzanowski.

    Copies Of America Song: Lion & Treasurer: Gene Evanish.

    Invocation, Benediction & Necrology Service: Lion & Chaplain: Bob Davis.

    Lions Toast: Lion & Life Time Club Member: David Noakes.

    Toast Master & Awards: Lion, & Membership Chairman: Francis Scott.

    Closing Remarks: 14-H District Governor: Rev. George Kramer:

    Closing Remarks: Taylor Mayor: Richard Bowen.

  • The evening started with the introduction: --- of Congressman Kanjorski who gave a speech on
    the cause and effect of economics and the impact it has on what can or can't be done at
    all levels of government.

  • In addition to his speech Congressman Kanjorski also presided over the installation of
    New Club Members: --- Rita Donovan Sponsored by Lion & President Mary Ann Belaski.

  • As a token of the Club's Appreciation for Congressman Kanjorski participation in our Anniversary Celebration: ---
    Toast Master & Lion Francis Scott presented him with a Commemorative Piece of Anthracite Coal.
    The Congressman thanked the club and said he would place the coal on his desk.

  • Mayor Bowen declared Every November 14:
    Taylor Lions Day in the Borough Of Taylor.

  • A Special Thank You

    The Taylor Lions Club would like to thank all those involved
    in making Our 50Th Anniversary Celebration a big success.

    A special thank you to --- Congressman Kanjorski --- Life Time Club Member
    Lion David Noakes --- Toast Master Lion Francis Scott &
    Taylor Mayor Richard Bowen.

    The Club would also like to recognize the hard work and dedication of the Lion's Veterans
    who not only contributed to the success of Our Anniversary Party but were instrumental
    in making The Taylor Lions Club a Vital Part of the Borough Of Taylor Since 1954.

    Taylor Lions Club History:

    On November 15, 1954 the Newly Chartered Taylor Lions Club
    sponsored by The Old Forge Lions Club, Selected
    Jay Fahringer as Its Inaugural President.

    Recapitulation of Organization:

    • Lions Club of Taylor, Pennsylvania: --- 14H.
    • Organizer: --- E.G Moyer
    • Date of Organization: --- November 11, 1954
    • Number of Charter Members: --- 50
    • First Club President: --- Lion Jay M. Fahringer
    • First Club Secretary: --- Lion Dominic A. DeAngelo
    • First Club Treasurer: --- Lion Augustus McDade
    • Business Meeting Day & Time: --- Monday At 7:00 P.M
    • Business Meeting Location: Aldino's Restaurant.

    Lions Club's Interesting Facts:

    The Lions Club Name: --- (The International Assocation of Lions Clubs).

    The Club's Motto: (We Serve).

    The Clubs Slogan: (Liberty, Intelligence & Our Nation's Safety).

  • Melvin Jones Fellowship Award: --- The Highest Award in Lionism --- Mr. Jone's Personal Code is:
    "You can't get very far until you start doing something for someone else" --- Taylor Lions who received the
    Melvin Jones Fellowship Award are: ---
    Joe Canjar, Francis Scott & Gene Evanish.

  • The Club's Offical Colors: (Purple & Gold) --- The Royal Colors of Purple and Gold were selected when
    the Lions Association was organized in 1917. Purple --- stands for Loyalty to Friends, and for Integrity of Mind
    and Heart --- Gold --- symbolizes Sincerity of Purpose, Liberality in Judgement, Purity in Life, and Generosity in Mind,
    Heart and Purse to those in need.

  • The Lions Club's Emblem: --- The Current Lion Emblem was adopted at the 1919 Convention.
    Today, Lions throughout the world are recognized by it. It consists of the gold letter L on a Circular Purple,
    (Or Blue), Field. Bordering this is a Circular Gold Area with two Lion Profiles - facing away from the center.
    The word "Lions" Appears at the top, and "International" at the bottom. The Lions Face both past and future
    showing both pride of heritage and confidence in the future.

      Taylor Lions Club's Interesting Facts:

    • The Club's Banners: (The Original Club's Banner and the Present Banner) Presented
    • on Our 30Th Anniversary by our Sponsoring Club the Old Forge Lions Club they also donated
      Our Club's Bell and Lions Bank.

    • The Club's Gavel: --- Was donated to us by the Club's First President, Lion Jay Fahringer.
      The Club's Podium: --- Was made and donated By --- Lion Dan Capwell Who also made Our
      Coin Drop Signs

    • Club Secretary: --- Lion Ted Evanish, is one of the Longest Club's Secretaries in the Club's History,
      While his brother, ---
      Lion Gene Evanish, is one of the Longest Club's Treasurers in the Club's History
      with service (1992 to Present).

    • The Club's Treasurer's Record is held by: --- Lion Woddy Herron, --- with Thirty-One Years
      of service as the Club's Treasurer.

    • Lion Francis Scott: --- is the holder of All Club Offices: He is the First Club Member to hold
      All Club Offices.

    • Taylor Lions Club's Highway Signs: --- Lion President A.J Munchak originally purchased the Lions Highway Signs back in 1980 --- In 2002 Lion Tom Leonard purchased and replaced the Orginal
      Lions Highway Signs.
      The Lions Highway Signs indicate Monthly Meeting Time and Location. --- The Lions Highway Signs are located on the island near the Little Tax House, 259 North Main Street, & South Keyser Ave attached to a telephone pole near Pat's Driving Range.

    • Taylor Lions Club's Fair Share: --- Since 2007 it's a Long Standing Tradition, of the Taylor Lions Club, to present their Fair Share Check that helps to finance the International Lions Local, State and International Projects --- to the District 14-H Governor at His\Her Annual Visit.

      Taylor Lions Club's Meeting Places:

      Some Of The Lion Meeting Places Over The Years,
      In Reverse Order Are As Follows:

    • Pine Hills Country Club
    • Broadway Cafe
    • Third National Bank's Community Room
    • Lisowski's Cafe
    • Arcaro's Pizza

    • Recognition of Commitment to Lionism:

    • Lion David Noakes
    • Lion James Barton
    • Lion Paul Rusincovitch
    • Lion Robert Thomas
    • Lion William Leggon
    • Lion Michael Cole
    • Lion Joseph Lukasiewicz
    • Lion J. Dennis Kryzanowski
    • Lion Dr. John Rooney
    • Lion Gene Evanish
    • Lion Francis Scott
    • Lion John Armillay
    • Lion Robert M. Davis
    • Lion Gene King
    • Lion James Schiavo
    • Lion John Souter
    • Lion James M. Thomas
    • Lion Robert Thomas

    • Lion Francis Scott Historian:

      Lion Francis Scott's Comments:

      I've worked hard on trying to have an Authentic, Interesting and Diversified Club's History.
      I couldn't help noticing the Club's Proud and Rich History of Family & Club Members who
      over the years have served the Taylor Lions Club and the community of Taylor.

      You could say, "We are a family more than a club".

      "It's by planting the Community Seed early that we build the Leaders of Tomorrow".

      Continuation of Taylor Lions Club History:

    • The Club would have the honor for two members: Dominic DeAngelo, (1958-1959) and Joseph Canjar, (1980-1981), served as District 14-H's Governors.

    • The club also had members: Francis Scott, (1993-1994) and Joseph Conjar, (1995-1996), Gene Evanish, (2000) receive the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award for Dedicated Humanitarian Service from The Lions Club International Foundation. This award is the Highest Award in Lionism.

    • Over the years, the Taylor Lions Club's Principal Fundraiser: has been the Holiday Basketball Tournament that features both Girl's and Boy's High School Teams from Riverside School District and surrounding areas. Despite being a Relatively New Tournament, the Taylor Lions Club Tournament is already one of the Premier Events of its kind and is the Only Area Tournament to featured both Girls and Boys Divisions.

    • Lions Gene Evanish and his brother Ted Evanish: have co-chaired The Taylor Lions Club's Holiday Basketball Tournament since inception.

    • Lion Joseph Roberts: was Club President, (1987), for the Inaugural Tournament and Team Contact Person which he serves to this day.

    • The Most Prolific Lions: for ads for the Tournament's Ad Booklet have been Lions David Noakes & Chester Nerch.

    • The Taylor Lions Club: is the first club in the history of District 14-H to have it's Club Pin voted number one in the State of Pennsylvania. Lion Francis Scott designed the Winning Emblem, (1994).

    • The Taylor Lions Club: achived the #1 Club Award in District 14-H, (1969), while Lion President David Noakes, SR. was in office.

    • The Taylor Lions Club: Has taken an active role in District 14-H with members Joe Canjar, (Past District Governor), Mike Cole, Gene King, Fran DeAngelo, Gene Evanish, Ted Evanish, Neil DeAngelo, Robert Thomas and Francis Scott all serving in the District Cabinet in recent years.

    • Over the years the Taylor Lions Club sponsored: the Taylor Little League, Taylor Girls Software Association, Boys Biddy Basketball League, T.C.C Girls Basketball League, Boy Scout Troop 85, (1985), As well As Cub Scout Pack 90, (1997) are sponsored by the Taylor Lions Club.

    • Also the Taylor Lions Junior Football Organization was named after the club: which sponsored it from 1970-2000. Lion Frank Messoline was one of the Primary Organizer's of the program, (1970), and served as president, (1970-1975). while Lion Mike Krypel was primarily responsible for its present complex and served as it's president from, (1975-1990).

    • The Taylor Lions Club: in conjunction with the R & L Civic Club, American Legion Post 306, the Taylor Borough Council & Waste Management have held an Easter Egg Hunt for the youth of the community, (Since 1986).

    • Easter Bunny Helpers over the years: Lion Donald McCloskey, Lion Lisa Scott Mekilo, Lion Joe Grasso, Linda Biggar, Michael Scott Mekilo.

    • Lion J. Dennis Kryzanowski: instituted at the Riverside JR. High School, in our 46th Anniversary Year, the Taylor Lions Scholarship Award, (2000). Part of the criteria for this award is that the recipient must reside in Taylor, be an Honor Roll Student, be active in the school and community, ect.

    • As a participant of the Lions Club International "World Lions Service Day:, " traditionally held in October, the club contributes money and manpower, (Lion Power) at Saint Francis of Assisi Kitchen to feed the needy of the county, (1986).

    • Past Leader Dog Chairman: Lion Francis Scott initiated the idea of a Special Commemorative Patch that celebrated Leader Dogs for the Blind's Sixtieth Anniversary, (1939-1999). The thought being All Lions Clubs throughout the world would receive a Leader Dog Banner Patch for any Monetary Donation to the school that year ---, (1999).

    • District 14-H Lion's Eye Bank came about when District Governor, Dominic DeAngelo arranged a meeting scheduled for September 5, 1958 at the Moosic Lions Youth Center.

    • District 14-H Hearing Committee's Annual Visit: To the Scranton School for the Deaf was began in District Governor Joe Canjar's Term, (1980-1981)

    • Lion Merwyn Howells: Was instrumental with the inception of the Sgt. Seymore Program. A program sponsored by the Lackawanna Blind Association for Third Grade Students to educate them in regard to Sight Conservation and Eye Safety which concluded with a Poster Contest.

    • The providing of the Traditional Lion's Green Jacket with the Pennsylvania Crest along with a Lion's Tie to Newly Installed Presidents: Was the idea of Lion Dr. John Rooney.

    • Lion Bill Nash: (Head Chef) Was in charge for one of Our Club's Major Fund Raisers For Over Ten Years which was the Annual Pancake & Sausage Breakfast, began in 1980. It was held at the Riverside JR. SR. High School. Lion J. Dennis Kryanowski was Ticket Chairperson.

    • Our First District 14-H Lions Eye Bank Banner Patch: for the Most Cornea Eye Pledge Cards in a year was achieved during Lion President John Souter's Year, (1992). The club over the years has provided eye glasses for Senior Citizens and Other Needy Citizens of the community.

    • The Eye Glasses Program today, (2005): has expanded to provid Eye Glasses to Third World Countries thanks to a suggestion by Lion Neil DeAngelo, (at a 2005 Business Meeting), and then follow-up by Lion Tom Leonard. At the 2005 Business Meeting Neil made the suggestion that the club contact the Post Office and inquire into getting a Mail Box to deposit eye glasses.

      Lion Tom Leonard contacted the Post Office and arranged to have a Mail Box dropped off and painted at Albrecht & Son Garage, (425 North Main Street Taylor, Pa). David Albrechit not only painted the Mail Box once, (at no cost to the club), but picked The Mail Box up a second time, because the Mail Box's Colors were confusing people who were placing mail in it, and painted it a second time, (again at no cost to the club). The Lions Eye Collection Mail Box is similar to the type of Mail Boxes found on Street Corners but has different colors. The Mail Box is currently located next to what was, (the Brewers Outlet located in the Taylor Price Chopper's Center.) Lion Thomas A. Lynch the owner of The Brewers' Outlet allowed the Taylor Lions Club to place the Eye Glass Collection Mail Box next to his business.,

    • Lion Tom Leonard: also sorts & boxes the Eye Glasses collected and they are giving to the International Lions Club's Eye Glasses Collection Person. The average Eye Glass Collection is approximatley 200 to 300 pairs of glasses.

    • While president, Lion Tom Leonard: arranged to replace aging International Lions Club's Highway Signs. The current locations of the New Signs are on the island near Marsico's Restaurant\The Little Tax Shop, (North Main Street, Taylor). The second sign is located on a pole on Keyser Ave near the Par's Your Score Driving Range.

    • In addition: To the Eye Glasses Collection & Distribution, Purchasing of two Highway Signs Lion Tom Leonard & his brother-in-law Gerry Dombroski created, updated and stored the Club's Web Page free of cost to the club. In 2020 Lion Tom Leonard & his brother-in-law Gerry Dombroski created, updated and stored the Club's Online Holiday Basketball Tournament Ad Booklet.

    • Since it's begining the club: Has provided Wheelchairs, Commodes, Walkers, Crutches and Canes & Personal Safety Items for all citizens of the community. Lion Mike Cole had stored and maintained these items, (1992).

    • The Taylor Lions Club: Has sent youth of the community to Beacon Lodge for their Diabetic Condition and Education Purpose.

    • In addition to the Local Projects: the Taylor Lions Club participate in Sight Projects characteristic of State, National and International Lions Clubs.

    • The top four Lions Members: To sponsor New Members into the club are Lion David Noakes, (34 New Members) Lion Dominic DeAngelo, (20 New Members), Lion Michael Krypel, (17 New Members), and Lion Francis Scott, (17 New Members).

    • Rev. A. Merle Davis and Sons Robert, William and David: were the first family,(1993), to join the club, (1992 For Lion Merle). All of the family were sponsored by Lion Gene Evanish.

    • Lion Lisa Scott Mekilo was the First Women: to join the Taylor Lions Club, (2001)., She was sponsorted by Her Father Lion Francis Scott. Also Lion Lisa Scott Mekilo was the First Lady Lion to be elected to an office of the Taylor Lions Club, (President).

    • Since the club started back in 1954: There has been a total of two hundred & fifty seven residence of Taylor who were members, at one time or another, of The Taylor Lions Club.


    • Reflecting on the past, (Pre-80's): The club Members sold brooms door to door, held Safety Classes for the Youth of the Community for hunting, provided refreshments at dances held at the Taylor High School and held Community Bloodmobiles for the American Red Cross. gallons of blood have been donated by the Taylor Lions Club Members over the years.

    • Club Members: played bingo with patients at the Taylor Nursing Home, supplying all prizes for the games.

    • The Club: Provided a "Handicapped Ramp" for a Taylor Resident, and provided Financial Help for a Young Person's Eye Prostheses.

    • The Club: Provided a Seat Lift Chair, and Held Joint Screenings for Glaucoma with Local Lions Clubs and donated a Sign for the Taylor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, (Corner of North Main and Hospital Streets).

    • The Club: Also donated monies for a number of years for the "Children's Fishing Derby" Held At McDade's Park.

    • Organizations We Support:

      Boy Scout Troop 85
      Cub Scouts Pake 90
      Annual Taylor Easter Egg Hunt
      Riverside Boys Basketball
      Annual Riverside Jr. & Sr. Highschool Scholarship Award
      Taylor Little League
      Taylor Missy League
      Boys Biddy Basketball
      TCC Girls Basketball
      Taylor Lions Junior Football
      Riverside Lady Vikes Basketball
      Riverside Girls softball
      Riverside High School Golf League
      Riverside Boys Basketball
      Sent Children To Becon Lodge Camp For Diabetes Education
      Saint Francis Of Assisi Kitchen
      Leader Dog For The Blind14-H Sight First First
      N.E.P.A Eye Bank
      Hearing & Speech Action
      Hosted Blood Drives
      Held Coronary Risk Factor Screening With American Heart Association
      Sight Conservation & Eye Research
      Built Wheel Chair Ramps For Taylor Residents.
      Provided Taylor Residents With Hospital Beds, Walkers, Canes,
      Wheel Chairs, Cratches & Eye Glasses