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******** UPCOMING EVENTS: ********

The next scheduled Taylor Lions Club Meeting will be held on

September 20, 2021 @ 7:30 P.M.

Please check with club members to determine if meeting will take place.

(Club's Meeting Location) --- Arcaro's Pizza, (Address:) 1306 North Main Avenue Taylor, Pa.

(Phone Number:) --- (570) 961-6032

Reminder of Lion Club's Members Who Are No Longer With Us

Lion Jay Fahringer

Lion William Thomas

Lion Joseph Smith

Lion Stephen Derenick SR.

Lion Thomas Griffith

Lion Joseph Krypel

Lion Edgar D. Jones

Lion Thomas Griffith

Lion Lawrence Enderline

Lion Curtis Souder

Lion Woody Herron

Lion John Coombs

Lion Powell M. Griffith

Lion Bernard Gillespie

Lion Frank Messoline

Lion Benjamin Llewellyn

Lion Ralph Day

Lion Lex Gnall

Lion Harry Mark

Lion Issac Tibbs

Lion John Derenick

Lion Merwyn Howells

Lion Jacob Davis

Lion Ed Oakley

Lion Gus McDade

Lion Phillip George

Lion Thomas Kearney

Lion Author W. Samson

Lion Thomas day

Lion Edward Buck

Lion Keneth Seegar

Lion Frank Mostosky

Lion Gilbert Pauline

Lion Rev. Merle Davis

Lion Joseph Canjar

Lion Chester F. Nerch

Lion David Nokes

Lion Bill Leggon

Lion Jim Barton

Lion Carl Noakes

Lion Steven Pollack

Lion Joseph Grasso

Lion Denis Kryzanowski

Lion Dr. John F. Rooney

Lion Joseph L. Renaldi

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Annual Club Membership Dues:

Membership Dues --- *** Until Further Notice ***

Pease mail your Club's Membership Dues to:

Lion John Thubborn ---

108 East Taylor Street --- Taylor, Pa 18517-1832.

The 2021 Membership Dues Are:

District 14H Fee = $4.50

State Fee = $16.00

International Fee = $43.00.

Rounded off to $64.00, per member.

If you also owe for 2020 please pay $128.00 for both years.


Business Meetings:

Meeting Day: & Time:

Every 3rd Monday of the month. Meetings starting At 7:30 P.M.


Arcaro's Pizza, (Address:) 1306 North Main Avenue Taylor, Pa. (Phone Number:) (570) 961-6032


The 2021\2022 Taylor Lions Club Officers:

Club's Officers hold office from July 1 to June 30 of each year.

Taylor Lions Club Established in 1954 celebrating 67 years serving Taylor Citizens.

Club's President: --- Lion Theodore Praschak

Club's 1st Vice President: --- Lion Paul Brennan

Club's 2nd Vice President: --- Lion John G. Thubborn

Club's 3rd Vice President: --- Lion David Noakes 111

Club's Secretary: --- Lion Sanda Thubborn

Club's Treasurer: Lion Eugene Evanish

Club's Financial Secretary: Lion Karl A. Grasso

Club's Tail Twister: Lion James Schiavo

Club's Lion Taimer: Lion John A. Souter

Club's 1st Director: Lion Jennifer Radzwillowicz

Club's 2nd Director and Web Page Manager: Lion Thomas Leonard

Club's Chaplain: Lion Robert Davis

Club's Membership Chairperson: Lion Francis Scott

Club's Membership Co-Chairperson: Lion Lisa A. Mekilo

Club's LCIF: --- Lion Karl Grasso

Club's Service Chairman: --- Lion Louis Stefanelli

Club's Administrator: --- Lion Maryann Belaski-Antos

Club's Marketing: --- Lion Robert Thomas

Club's Annual Basketball Tournament's Chairperson: --- Lion Eugene Evanish

Club's Web Page: --- Http:\\www.taylorlions.ourpage.org ---

Club's Facebook: --- Taylor Lions Club, Taylor Pa. ---

Lion's International's Web Page: --- http:\\www.lions14h.org/newsletter.

Taylor Lion Club Members:

Lion --- John Armillay:

Lion --- Richard G. Bowen:

Lion --- Kristi A. Cleveland:

Lion --- Lynda Messoline DePalma:

Lion --- Joe Lukasiewicz:

Lion --- Paul Rusincovitch:

Lion --- James Thomas:

Lion --- John J. Tigue Jr.:

Lion --- John G. Thubborn Jr.:

Taylor Lions Club's Members:

Lion Paul Rusincovitch --- Lion since 05\01\1969
--- (Sponsor) --- Lion David Noakes.

Lion Joseph F. Lukasiewicz --- Lion since 05\01\1969
--- (Sponsor) --- Lion David Noakes.

Lion Francis A. Scott --- Lion since 10\01\1982
--- (Sponsor) --- Lion Joseph Canjar.

Lion Eugene Evanish --- Lion since 01\01\1983
--- (Sponsor) --- Lion Theodore Evanish.

Lion Gene King --- Lion since 10\01\1984
--- (Sponsor) --- Lion Joseph Grasso.

Lion James Thomas --- Lion since 10\01\1984.
--- (Sponsor) --- Lion Gene King.

Lion John Souter--- Lion since 10\01\1984.
--- (Sponsor) --- Lion Michael Cole.

Lion John Armillay --- Lion since 02\01\1988.
--- (Sponsor) --- Lion Francis DeAngelo.

Lion Robert M. Davis --- Lion since 02\01\1993.
--- (Sponsor) --- Lion Eugene Evanish.

Lion Thomas R. Leonard --- Lion since 12\01\2000.
--- (Sponsor) --- Lion Francis Scott.

Lion Lisa A. Mekilo --- Lion since 02\01\2001.
--- (Sponsor) --- Lion Francis Scott.

Lion Maryann Antos-Belaski --- Lion since 11\01\2003.
--- (Sponsor) --- Lion Francis Scott.

Lion Paul M. Brennan --- Lion since 11\01\2003.
--- (Sponsor) --- Lion Lisa Mekilo.

Lion Sandra Thubborn --- Lion since 04\01\2004
--- (Sponsor) --- Lion Francis Scott.

Lion Jennifer Radzwillowicz --- Lion since 02\01\2004.
--- (Sponsor) --- Lion Francis Scott.

Lion James Schiavo --- Lion since 01\01\2004.
--- (Sponsor) --- Lion Francis Scott.

Lion Linda DePalma --- Lion since 04\17\2006.
--- (Sponsor) --- Lion Maryann Antos-Belaski.

Lion Richard G. Bowen --- Lion since 5\01\2007.
--- (Sponsor) --- Lion Francis Scott.

Lion Joseph L. Renaldi --- Lion since 01\01\2008.
--- (Sponsor) --- Lion James Schiavo.

Lion Karl A. Grasso--- Lion since 04\01\2011.
--- (Sponsor) --- Lion Joseph Grasso.

Lion Louis C. Stefanelli Jr. --- Lion since 05\21\2012.
--- (Sponsor) --- Lion Francis Scott.

Lion Kristi A. Cleveland --- Lion since 10\21\2013.
--- (Sponsor) --- Lion Francis Scott.

Lion David Noakes III --- Lion since 11\18\2013.
--- (Sponsor) --- Lion Louis Stefaneli.

Lion John J. Tigue Jr. --- Lion since 03\18\2013.
--- (Sponsor) --- Lion Francis Scott.

Lion Theodore Praschak --- Lion since 01\20\2014.
--- (Sponsor) --- Lion Francis Scott.

Lion John G. Thubborn --- Lion since 11\19\2018.
--- (Sponsor) --- Lion Francis Scott.

Lion John George Thubborn Jr.--- Lion since 06\17\2019.
--- (Sponsor) --- Lion Sandra Thubborn.

A Little Birdie Told Me:

The Taylor Lions Club: (Newest Member:)

Lion & Taylor Mayor Theodore P. Praschak:

(Member since --- 2014)
The Taylor Lions Club: (Newest Member:)

Lion John J. Tigue Jr.

(Member since --- 2013)

The Taylor Lions Club: (Newest Member:)

Lion Carl Noakes

(Member since --- 2009 - 2013)

The Taylor Lions Club: (Newest Member:)

Lion Kristi Cleveland

(Member since --- 2013)

The Taylor Lions Club: (Newest Member:)

Lion Louis C. Stefanelli Jr.

(Member since --- 2012)

The Taylor Lions Club: (Newest Member:)

Lion Eugene M. Gallagher Jr.

(Member since --- 2012)

The Taylor Lions Club: (Newest Member:)

Lion Gene Evanish

(Longest Serving Club Secretary from --- 1992 Until 1998 & Club Member from --- 1999 Until Present)
The Taylor Lions Club: (Newest Member:)

Lion Lisa A. Mekilo
(1st Female Lion --- 2001 Until Present & 1st Female President from --- 2003 Until 2005)

 Proud Members Of The Taylor Lions Club: (1st Family to join The Lions Club:)

(Rev. A. Merle & Son Robert: - Members since 1992)

The (William & David Davis Family: - Members since 1992:)
 Proud Members of the Taylor Lions Club:

(Since the inception of the Taylor Lion Club

A member of the Noakes Family has been a Club Member:)

(Lion David Noakes, Sr.: - 1955-2008) & (Lion Carl Noakes: - 2009-2013)

(Lion David Noakes III - 2013 - Until Present --- Sponsored by Lion Louis Stefanelli).
 Proud members of the Taylor Lions Club:

(Sandra & John Thubborn: - Members since 2004:).
 Proud members of the Taylor Lions Club:

(Lion Dennis Kryzanowski (1969 to 2017)
 Instituded the Taylor Lions Award in Club's 46TH Year - 2000.

This Award is for the boy or girl graduating from Riverside Jr. Sr. High School

& Going on to higher education.
 Proud members of the Taylor Lions Club:

(Lion Mary Ann Belaski Antos:)
 Gave a Lady Bartender a $2.00 Lottery Ticket as a tip (At a Club Fundraiser in 2004).

That ticket won one hundred dollars.
 Proud nembers of the Taylor Lions Club: 

(Lion President from 1990-1991 - John Souter:)
Won First District 14-H Lions Eye Bank Banner Patch for the most Eye Cornea's Pledged in a year.

 Proud members of the Taylor Lions Club:

(Taylor Mayors who were or are Taylor Lion Club Members:)

Mayor David Noakes Sr., Mayor Christopher Murphy, Mayor Richard G. Bowen
Present Mayor Theodore P. Praschak.
 Proud members of the Taylor Lions Club: (Joined in 1964 - 2012:)

Lion James Barton.
 Proud members of the Taylor Lions Club: (Joined in 1968:)

Lion Robert Thomas
 Proud members of the Taylor Lions Club: (Joined in 1969:)

Lion Joseph Lukasiewicz
 Proud members of the Taylor Lions Club: (Joined in 1969 To 2017:)

Lion Dennis Kryzanowski
Proud members of the Taylor Lions Club: (Joined in 1969 To 2020:)

Lion Jack Rooney

 The Taylor Lions Club wants to recognize dedicated Taylor Lions Club Members 

Lion Paul Rusincovitch --- Club Member for 52 Years ---

Lion Robert Thomas --- Club Member for 52 Years ---

Lion Joseph F. Lukasiewicz --- Club Member for 51 Years ---

Lion Francis Scott --- Club Member for 38 Years ---

Lion Eugene Evanish --- Club Member for 37 Years ---

Lion Gene King --- Club Member for 36 Years ---

Lion James M. Thomas --- Club Member for 35 Years.

Thank You Gerry Dombroski for your Technical Assistance with

the Club's Web Page & Online Holiday Basketball Tournament Booklet Design.

2021 Eye Glasses Collections:
Pride & Lion Secretary Sandy Thubborn displaying Eye Glasses Collection

The Lions Club's Eye Glass Mail Box has been relocated

near the Taylor Beverage Beer Distributor,

1530 South Main Ave. Taylor Pa. 18517 --- (570) 207-2739.

The Taylor Lions Club appreciates everyone who has contributed,

year after year, to the Club's Eye Glass Collection Program.

Lifetime Member:
Lion David Noakes

The Taylor Lions Club was established in 1954.

If you enjoy attending Local Community Events like

The Taylor Lions Club's Annual Holiday Basketball Tournament

The Taylor Lions Club's Easter Egg Hunt

The Taylor Memorial Day Parade.

Please join our club.

Please contact Our Club's Membership Chair Persons listed below.

Membership Chairman:
Lion Francis A. Scott --- (570) 346-2206
Membership Co-Chairman:
Lion Lisa A. Mekilo --- (570) 348-4748
Congratulations to the Taylor Lions Club

In 2021 the Taylor Lions Club celebrated their 67th Anniversary

EST November 15, 1954

L = Liberty, I = Intelligence, O & N = Our Nation's Safety

" Members make a stong club and a strong club serves its community."

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